sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

X-Vandals (La escena maltesa III)

No diría que me encantan, pero el concierto de los X-Vandals estuvo bastante bien. Hacen un thrash bastante cercano al heavy. O speed. Qué más da, os hacéis una idea. Tienen sólo un disco, Erosion of our liberty, aunque van a sacar otro muy pronto, el mes que viene, creo. Entretenidos cuando menos.

Estoy escuchando theirspace, y la verdad es que en estudio me están gustando más, pero hay que decir que la acústica de la sala donde actuaron el otro día dejaba bastante que desear...

One of the 1st Maltese metal bands (originally named Vandals), formed way back in 1984. Started performing power/heavy metal tracks and evolving to speed/thrash/death metal when a new line up was formed in 1989. Now the same rotten 1989 line up has Reunited after 15 years! - Same members, same stinky garage and back with OLD SCHOOL THRASH ready to rip your brains out and get your blood cells moshing!!
Since we have re-united in late 2005, we have released our 1st CD (Erosion of Our Liberty), which is a 12 track CD Album. This Album is up for sale for LM3.90 (10 Euro) and covers some of the best material the newly reborn X-Vandals have molded together. Tracks vary from ‘Old School Thrash’ to Hardcore/punk. The Lyrics give our view of this ‘Mankind fucked up world’ we live in, emphasizing on inhuman acts against mankind/life itself, freedom of speech, personal feelings/thoughts and on filthy/explicit political corruption/injustice around us.
We have already started work for the 2nd Album, with quicker/harsher riffs and slightly modernized final package, but still gripping tight to our ‘Old School’ roots. We’re planning various gigs and performances throughout this coming year. Our aim is to be signed up with a recording firm!
Since our first live performance the feedback we have received is much appreciated! Both from Local ‘Die Hard’ punk/metal bands and from fans themselves! A great feeling to see both ‘old Vandals’ followers - enthusiastic for our re-embodiment, and for ‘new’ fans who much value our style! Willing to perform with all local bands and determined to give our best to all the metal/punk heads!


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