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Thy Legion (La escena maltesa IV)

Grupo de black/death (más de lo primero que de lo segundo) con dos calvos clónicos que rugen. Creo que es la primera vez que veo un grupo con dos miembros cuya única función es cantar. Las canciones de theirspace están bastante bienpara mi gusto, aunque en directo me gustaron algo menos, pero el sonido tampoco era el mejor del mundo. Tienen un disco editado con portada chula: Proclaimer of chaos.

The band was formed in the second month of 2004 Anno Bastardi under the name of Bellum, consisting of Tyrone on vocal duties, Elton on guitars and Eliot on drums. The main idea was to form an old school black metal band in the veins of bands such as Immortal, Bathory, Emperor and Venom amongst others, lyrically based on War, Chaos and Destruction.

Later Shaun and Oliver joined in on Guitar and Bass duties respectively and the band has found a stable line up, but this lasted shortly as Eliot later left due to musical differences, later replaced by Byron. Oliver was also dismissed and replaced by Kurt (A.K.A Moloch, ex-Martyrium). The name Bellum was then replaced by the name Thy Legion as this reflected more the style the band was composing.

In 2005 Tonio was admitted in the band for a diverse, raw sound. Yet shortly the band had to part ways with both Byron and Shaun, both leaving with personal problems. Other drummers were auditioned but with no avail, leaving the band no choice but to go with a drum machine. As the band progressed and matured, the material was having a more black/death sound but still under the same lyrical theme.

Early 2006; Shaun joined the band once again and the band was complete again, and all ready to take it to the stage, and on the 17th March 2006 Thy Legion and Erythuria supported Abysmal Torment on launching the "Epoch of Methodic Carnage" CD. The band worked their way through various appearances on stage, also supporting German veterans Purgatory, they were ready to enter the studios themselves, to start recording their first full-length CD Entitled "Proclaimer of Chaos".

March 2007; The band was approached by Clayton (ex-Angel Blade, ex-Psychosis) for a jamming session, which ended in him taking the drum machine's place. A few weeks later Shaun left the band once again for personal reasons, whose place was filled by Ayrton (Improbus Atrum). Shortly after Tyrone was also dismissed from the band and replaced by Mark (A.K.A Lucifuge Rofocale, ex-Martyrium).

November 2007; With all preparations complete, the band finally was ready to launch "Proclaimer of Chaos" alongside Erythuria, which as well as introducing the new line-up, which had a very positive response, for both CD and new band members.

May 2008; Due to personal reasons, Ayrton decides to part from Thy Legion, leaving the band once again searching for a guitarist.

August 2008; Although with a guitarist less from the original line up, the band heads to SpineSplitter Studios to record their second album, which will consist of 6 tracks, aiming to be released next year.

September 2008; The band recruits David (Abysmal Torment, ClubMurder) as a session guitarist, filling in the second guitarist spot.

October 2008; Thy Legion attacks foreign land, playing their first live show in Berlin, taking part in the 10th edition of the BlackLand festival. Although not many were present, the band received positive feedback.

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  1. Anno Bastardi?????????????????????????????

  2. Anda que menudo repaso a la escena metalera maltesa, eh? A ver si puedes rematar con Apotheosis o Aphoteosis (ahora no me acuerdo donde llevaban la H)


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